The default values of configuration options are guessed based on installed packages.


The database URI that should be used for the connection. Defaults to 'sqlite:///<instance_path>/<>.db'.


Enables debug output containing database queries. Defaults to True if application is in debug mode (app.debug == True).


Enables versioning support using SQLAlchemy-Continuum. Defaults to True if sqlalchemy_continuum package is installed.


User class used by versioning manager. Defaults to 'User' if invenio_accounts package is installed.


Dictionary containing general configuration for Flask-Alembic. It contains defaults for following keys:

  • 'script_location' points to location of the migrations directory. It is required key and defaults to location of invenio_db.alembic package resource.
  • 'version_locations' lists location of all independent named branches specified by Invenio packages in invenio_db.alembic entry point group.

Please check following packages for further configuration options:

  1. Flask-SQLAlchemy
  2. Flask-Alembic
  3. SQLAlchemy-Continuum